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The ministry of education certifies a degree as being equivalent to UAE standards through the certificate equivalency process. It often involves two or three levels of attestations from various government departments in both countries, as well as a review by an equivalence committee, after which the letter of equivalency is provided from the UAE Ministry of Education.

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What are the benefits of Equivalency Certificate?

Professionals hired in the UAE must get a certificate of equivalency for their educational degrees obtained outside of the UAE from the Ministry of Education (MOE). Among other
professions, civil engineers must show the legitimacy of their academic qualifications. When acquiring an engineering card in Abu Dhabi, the equivalency certificate is also a necessity (Engineer Registration System).


By availing the services of Index, you can get the Equivalency Certificate, save time and effort, and ensure that your documents meet the necessary legal requirements for UAE. However, it’s always recommended to check the specific requirements and regulations of UAE’s authorities and consult with the relevant institutions for accurate information.

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