Every nation has its own laws and policies governing immigrants looking to enter the workforce, pursue higher education, obtain residency status, or start their own business there. The focus of policymakers is constantly on vetting citizens to find those with legitimate credentials. It is crucial for the nations to prevent the infiltration of fraudsters, people with bogus credentials, and unqualified people in order to maintain quality. The UAE has made it mandatory for foreigners to submit only certifications that have been verified. You must get your educational certificates attested for using it in UAE. Unattested educational certificates and other documents will be invalid and the application will be rejected immediately without any intimation. Educational certificate attestation in UAE is a mandatory procedure which needs to be done by students or employment seekers who want to work in the UAE.

Procedure of educational certificate attestation in UAE

The procedure for Education certificate attestation in UAE begins in the home country. The country of origin will do the primary attestation and the documents will be notarized. Here is the procedure of attestation for an educational certificate.

a. Attestation by the university that issued the certificate. b. Attestation by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD) c. The Ministry of External Affairs is the final authority in the country that confirms the genuinity of the educational document d. The UAE embassy or consulate in India e. It will then be forwarded to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in the UAE

Documents required for Education certificate attestation in UAE

1. Original certificate 2. Passport copy 3. Visa copy 4. Passport size photographs

Importance of Education certificate attestation for Employment Jobs in UAE

a. An unavoidable part of job employment in the UAE, the attestation by the ministries confirm that you are qualified for the job. b. The attestation concretes the credibility of your document. Once attestation is completed, you can submit it while applying for jobs or higher education at any company or university in the UAE. c. An attested document is legally valid and hence you can challenge any rejections pertaining to validity in court. Some educational certificates/documents work as identity proof. d. Even though attestation is a must factor in the UAE, some private firms may not ask for attestation. There would be job applicants who will submit an unattested educational certificate for employment in UAE. However, it is still a safe choice to attest your documents that will carry higher priority than the unattested ones.

How can Index Office Services help?

You might think about conducting the attestation procedure alone in the UAE. You may observe that it is a drawn-out process involving several departments and ministries. Before starting the process, carefully review the steps. Otherwise, it will take too long for you to update the documents and submit the application again. As an alternative, you could commission the process to be completed on your behalf by a reputable attestation service in UAE. Simply provide a letter permitting the business to complete the attestation process. The organization’s qualified team will swiftly follow all necessary procedures, perform the attestation, and deliver the attested certificate to your location. One of the most popular attestation service providers in the UAE has been Index Office Services. Each educational credential has a value to us thus we treat it carefully to prevent loss or misplacement. Additionally, from the time we get your attestation orders until we return them following attestation, we maintain track of them.