Regardless of the professional platform you get into, you will be asked for educational certificates to prove your credentials and authenticity that you have furnished before the authority. Educational Certificate Attestation in UAE can help you fetch opportunities and offers from legally authorized and recognized firms. Attested educational certificates can make your immigration process much easier and avoid all the legal restraints while migrating for higher education or professional purposes. The certificate attestation in UAE is a mandatory requirement if you are seeking employment opportunities in highly reputed international or native firms.

Importance of Educational Certificate Attestation in UAE

The screening process in hiring employees to the business firms in the country has become more competitive since the expatriate overflow to the country is at an accelerated pace. The spectacular economic growth, industrial and commercial development of the organizations in the country irrespective of pure-native or international ownership are some of the factors that increase the preference of the country among the expatriate population. Hence, it is quite important that you must hike up your chances of getting employed by furnishing your educational certificates attested by the concerned authorities. Companies are not encouraging any international employees who have not completed their educational attestation procedures at any cost. Hence even Indian Certificate Attestation in UAE has become a very important feature. Follow these steps to get your Educational Certificate Attestation in UAE done quickly and efficiently

  • The primary legalization of your documents happens from the Notary Public after the detailed analysis and verification of the furnished documents
  • Then the documents are sent to the authorities that issued the certificate for the next level of verification. It can be the State Education Department or any concerned body of authority
  • The next level of verification is done by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) which is then handed over for verification to the Embassy or Consulate
  • The Embassy/ Consulate is the body that approves the authenticity of the documents and grants the final approval or attestation


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