The practice of document authentication is now widespread throughout the world. Inadequate documentation might get you into problems or perhaps get you turned away while you travel the world for a number of purposes, including education, personal needs, business, job, and so on. Marriage Certificate Attestation in UAE is the process of having a marriage certificate seen by authorised individuals, departments, or authorities and bearing their official stamp and signature. This attestation also attests to the validity of the seal and signature on the particular marriage certificate, as well as the fact that it was issued by the specified department. A marriage certificate is a written record that is produced by a public or government agency to attest to the accuracy of the couple’s names, the place of the wedding, the time of the wedding, and other information on the certificate as well as the validity of the union. For a certificate to be accepted as a legal document in the UAE for any purpose, attestation is necessary.

Required documents and necessity of UAE Marriage Certificate Attestation

A symbol of the legitimacy of a certificate or document is an attestation. The original marriage certificate, a copy of each person’s passport and visa, as well as two photos, are needed for marriage certificate attestation in the UAE. To bring your spouse to the UAE on a residence visa, you must confirm your marriage certificate. The spouse’s name should be added to your passport. Your health insurance will now include your spouse. To admit a woman into a hospital to give birth, To apply for a child’s passport, to file for divorce, to buy property jointly with a spouse, etc.

The steps involved for Marriage Certificate Attestation in UAE

There are 3 parts for obtaining marriage certificate attestation in UAE. The first is from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the home country; for a marriage certificate to be internationally valid, it must be attested after notarization. Amy’s authority for this process varies by country. The issuing country’s ministry of external affairs is the apex body for authorising. The second step is to obtain an attestation from the UAE embassy. After receiving attestation from the ministry in the applicant’s home country, the documents are taken to the UAE embassy in the applicant’s home country. The embassy’s authorities certify the certificate after ensuring and verifying that it has been attested by all relevant authorities in the home country. Finally, MOFA attestation is required for marriage certification in the UAE. As a final step, the ministry of foreign affairs will review and certify the documents’ geniuses. Before attesting the certificate, the ministry checks to see if it has been notarized and embossed in the issuing country.

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