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Marriage Certificate Attestation in UAE

All the qualifications and credentials that you hold in a particular territory cannot be acceptable in a foreign nation unless the testifying certificates are duly attested or legalized as per the procedure of the foreign nation. Marriage Certificate Attestation is required to prove your marital status and this can be completed with ease if you are properly guided by an experienced professional in the industry.

Attestation is required for most of the certificates and documentation that a person owns when he or she is moving from one nation to the other. Irrespective of the purpose of migration the attested documents are a mandatory requirement to make the process of immigration smooth and trouble-free.

Significance of a Marriage Certificate Attestation

If you are moving to a different nation for a prolonged duration, you may wish to take your partner along with you. For that, you may have to apply for a spousal visa permit. In case your marriage is legalized only in a particular territory, you won’t get the permit for the same. Hence proving your marital status before the authorities are beneficial as well as mandatory.

It is the duty of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE to validate your marriage certificates attested for use in a different country. But if your application fails to satisfy the requirements as mentioned by the ministry, you may not get the attestation in the stipulated time or it can cause some complications.

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By following the exact procedures as prescribed by the authorities, the formalities are quite easy and quick. If you wish for transparency in services and highly satisfactory customer support in your certificate attestation procedures, we can make you regret never. Contact Index Office Services’ experienced professionals today!!

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