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Notary public applications include memorandum of association, power of attorney, contracts & agreements, declarations, acknowledgements, and local service agent contracts.

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Notary Assistance

In order to achieve this, our special services, which include all online notary public applications, make it simpler for you to draft a special power of attorney and a general power of attorney. Writing, translating, and notarizing a memorandum of association, articles of association, or local service agency contract are additional requirements for forming a company. Our team of experts is ready to help you.

In order to make it simple for all clients to prepare and notarize all of their documents in a very short amount of time, Index has developed its specialization in providing all notary public services through the portal of the Judicial Department and other governmental entities in the UAE.


We provide legal services at the highest professional level, capable of rendering effective solutions mainly in the following areas:

    • Immigration Document Attestation (Canada – United Kingdom – Australia – Dominica, etc)
    • Certified True Copy Attestation services (Passport, utility bills, tenancy contracts etc)
    • Property Sale & Purchase Document Drafting & Legalization
    • Wills Drafting & Wills attestation
    • Legal consultation
    • Arbitration
    • Company incorporation
    • Construction claims consultancy
    • Dispute resolution
    • Litigation and Counseling
    • Business formation
    • Contracts, Agreement, Memorandum of  Understanding, Memorandum of association, and Legal drafting.


Document legalization and verification are becoming more and more necessary for a variety of foreign documents when used internationally. Any company or any individual may need document authentication, legalization, and certification services in connection with a business agreement, the registration of a certificate or degree, establishing residency, or any other  transactions in a foreign country.

We offer consultation on expediting Certified true copy attestation and Notary services in UAE for business and personal documents. Certificate, diploma, transcripts attestation. We ensure our service that each document attested meets the internationally specified requirements. Certification and legalization of documents for international use could be a painful and time-consuming process, and a lot of wastage of money if it is not done incorrect manner.

We provide legal and consulting services. Notarization of affidavits, declarations, certified copies of original papers, including certificates and passports as well as documents related to education, finance, business, and personal use.


Copies of passports are very significant personal documents that require certification and legality. A certified genuine copy attestation stamp from the authorized attorney is required for one of the important legalizations and certifications in the United Arab Emirates, mainly the attestation of passports. The certified true copy attestation is approved to confirm the originality of a document which is performed by the issuing authority first and then other competent
authorities. Passport true copy attestation is asked for multiple requirements/purposes and it is not particular, it will be varying from requirement to requirement and country to country. we offer one of the fast and reliable Passport true copy attestations in UAE. Same day and same time.


Index is aware that individuals who are mired in credit card debt or other types of bank debt require debt counseling and expert assistance in order to settle their debts amicably with banks and prevent legal action, a travel ban, and adverse effects on their credit score. As a result, index has established a dedicated department to assist all bank and credit card creditors in paying off their obligations and leading debt-free lives. Additionally, we assist clients in avoiding any legal action. We assist bank defaulters in determining the most amicable course of action through extensive conversations without resorting to legal action.

Each client’s financial situation and needs are assessed by the debt reduction specialists at Index. In terms of their regular income, it helps them locate potential debt repayment options without interfering with their ability to pay for their basic family needs. Debtors can acquire debt-free counsel for themselves by getting the penal interest, delay charges, legal fees, and other charges waived off under the direction of Index’s bank debt negotiation experts. Index assists defaulters in obtaining all available legal and pragmatic options before beginning any action or making any payments toward their debts, allowing them to live a debt-free life forever. This assistance is provided under the direction of legal consultants and negotiation professionals.

We provide debt consolidation, repayment modification, and settlement negotiation services. We also assist debtors returning to the UAE who are facing or threatening legal action or police cases in successfully resolving check bounce situations with the police, criminal court, or civil cases.


Debt collection is a cost-effective way to settle a debt before taking legal action. The legal debt recovery process through courts or other dispute resolution venues takes time, costs a lot of money, and permanently damages the connection between the business and the defaulter’s consumers. Moreover, if the debtors are unable to pay or are in danger of bankruptcy or liquidation, it is difficult to carry out a court ruling. Then the debts result in bad debts and legal fees. Therefore, debt collection, rather than starting with legal action, is the preferable course of action.

After assessing the debtors’ reputations in the market, the debt amount involved, the age of the debts, commercial documents, and the most recent update from the debtors, our skilled team of debt recovery companies and polite debt collection consultants ensures to streamline the current collection procedure. In addition, Index leverages cutting-edge automation technologies, artificial intelligence, and other innovations to improve the efficiency of debt collection services in the region while strictly adhering to the law.

Before sending legal letters created by our own legal experts, our debt collection service first makes pleasant reminder calls to the defaulters. Creditors may see lower default rates and increased liquidation rates with Index. Additionally, Index’s debt solution specialists assist their clients in turning all bad debts into credits without resorting to expensive legal action, enabling them to proceed with better cash flow.


One of the most popular services we offer in the UAE is wills and probate. Numerous expats have already received will registration services from our specialists, who hold a DIFC WPR license, and who have praised the excellent caliber of our work. In especially when you are abroad, it is crucial to get a properly designed will registered. Our team of professionals will help you create and register your will, or start
the probate process, as smoothly as possible, whether it is a MainlandWill or a DIFC Will.

There are five different will kinds to choose from depending on your needs. For children under 21, guardianship issues are covered by the Guardianship Will. The Business Owners Will is for up to five free zone and offshore firm shares, while the Property Will is for up to five UAE properties. Up to 10 bank accounts or brokerage accounts are covered by the financial assets will. The Full Will, which addresses all types of assets, is a complete will. According to your demands, the DIFC offers several documents, some of which include a will template you can use to speed up the process.


Cheque bounce problems, complaints, and litigation are seenas long-term problems by people in the UAE. It is regarded as a crime and carries potentially serious and intimidating legal repercussions and penalties. Cheque bounce issues can arise while paying bills in a number of circumstances, including private and personal transactions, business transactions, purchases, real estate rentals, bank loans, and so on.

As well as offering you helpful guidance on all issues and outcomes, we can assist you in situations where a check bounces. We offer guidance and support to businesses, organizations, banks, financial institutions, and private citizens. We create the ideal strategies and consistently make the necessary advancements that might make your heart melt.


By availing the services of Index, you can streamline the notary attestation process, save time and effort, and ensure that your documents meet the necessary legal requirements for UAE. However, it’s always recommended to check the specific requirements and regulations of UAE’s authorities and consult with the relevant institutions for accurate information.

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