For any certificates to be valued in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) these have to be attested from the respective countries where the certificates are issued. Similarly, the certificates issued from the USA too have to get attested. When a person themselves or with family plans to reside, work, study in UAE there are various certificates to be presented this can include birth certificates, marriage certificates, death, educational, etc…While providing these certificates they are not valid as such but need to be attested from the USA.

USA Certificate Attestation in UAE

Assistance for USA Certificate Attestation in UAE is provided by Index Office Services. We have been in the field of attestation-related services for years, being a helping hand for many. It is important to note that all documents or certificates issued in the USA cannot be attested or authenticated by the UAE’s American Embassy. But we can help you to get your certificate attestation in UAE easy and hassle free.

The procedures in USA Certificate Attestation in UAE seems simple but it is time-consuming and even a single mistake can lead to the rejection of attestation. So a trusted body like Helpline Group, who are experienced, can complete the process of attestation for you. The process starts with getting your documents issued by the respective bodies including educational institutions, state or government, court, etc. After this, the certificates or documents have to be authenticated by the secretary of state. During this procedure, the US Department of State apostilles the documents. An apostille ensures the documents are legally verified by officials checking the signatures and seals. Similarly, there will be different governmental and non-governmental bodies to ensure the authenticity of the documents depending on their type.

Certificate Authentication in UAE

While attesting educational documents, there can be some situations where the country office wants to authenticate the certificates before the secretary of state. When the state authenticates the documents you have to provide a copy of the certificate. Depending on the type of document there can be more departments from where the document needs to be initially verified. There is an exception to get documents authenticated from the federal agency. These documents do not need to be checked by the secretary of state.

It is important to ensure that the documents have to be in either English or Arabic. If not, you have to translate the documents. Then the documents will be authenticated at Washington D.C from the UAE Embassy. There are many small and huge procedures you have to go through while moving each step for getting certificate attestation in UAE. Charges for the process may vary depending on the type of certificate and procedures involved. Without prior knowledge you can end up feeling how difficult it is or may take days and months to get the attestation completed.

Why Consult US?

Index Office Services provides all certificate attestation in UAE within a limited timespan making all the process fast and steady. Wherever you are, the attestation process can be completed with our help. We are familiar and updated with the rules and regulations in the UAE and other countries, this keeps our service outstanding where you need no worry.