There are now various advantages available to global business owners and modern investors wishing to register a company in the UAE. For the establishment of a mainland UAE company, you are not required to have a local partner who holds equity, and the government is constantly adapting business-friendly legislation. To benefit from the most affordable business registration in the UAE, get in touch with the company formation specialists at Index Office Services. In addition, we support you at all times and offer cost-effective business registration solutions without compromising our outputs.


How to register a company in UAE

a. Finalize the business activities

You should choose a free zone setup if you are planning to register a company in the UAE in the economic business zone.

b. Set up a trading name for your business

Registering a trading name is a crucial part of starting a business in the UAE. Trade names that contain terms that describe the nature of your business are advised because they boost the prominence of your company in the market. Furthermore, trade name reservation rules in the UAE must be followed. Also, refrain from using names that are provoking or that might insult someone’s religious sensibilities.

c. Pick your preferred business jurisdiction

The place where your firm is located has a big impact. Additionally, the exposure to various economies, resource availability, infrastructure, tax and regulatory policies, etc., changes from one place to the next. Furthermore, the business consultants at Index Office Services provide a summary of the benefits and drawbacks of each business zone suitable for forming a company in the UAE.

d. Draft the LSA or MOA

Working with a local service provider is necessary if you want to establish a business in the UAE on the mainland (LSA). He or she would merely aid you in obtaining licenses and other necessary permissions; they wouldn’t get involved in your business decisions. Furthermore, even on the mainland, you are no longer required to grant a UAE national a 51% part of your company. You can also work with Index Office Services, and we’ll take care of your paperwork. enabling you to have total operational and legal control over your company. The MoA (Memorandum of Association) must then be signed and established based on the organizational structure and commercial strategy of your company.

e. Apply for a business license, investor visa, emirates ID, and company bank account.

Also, keep in mind that businesses on the mainland must submit a license application to the DED. Free zone firms, on the other hand, can apply their unique authority. Additionally, if additional government approvals are needed after obtaining a company license, you must get them. You must open a business bank account for your firm once you’ve finished all the required paperwork and documents. Choose a bank that best satisfies your business’ requirements and offers considerable advantages and discounts that will help you reduce costs.

How much will it cost to register a company in the UAE?

The cost to register a company in the UAE is not a fixed amount. It’s because many different factors affect how much it costs to register a business in the UAE. These comprise the kind of permit, the company’s location, the size of the office, visa requirements, and many other factors. However, you can easily form a company in the UAE for as little as AED 20,000. Just contact Index Office Services and we provide very affordable step-by-step guidance for the company registration process. Additionally, our business advisors offer post-incorporation legal support as well.

How can Index Office Services help?

Your choice to register a company in the UAE is the appropriate one given the growth of the local business community. We at the Index Office Services can help you identify the ideal place for launching your dream business and can also aid with the necessary paperwork. More than thousands of companies have previously benefited from our team’s legal investors and business consultants’ success in the global market including the UAE. To register a new company in the UAE, contact us today!