The process of Certificate Attestation has played a crucial role in ensuring proper verification of documents and has ensured transparency, efficiency in conducting different legal services. The attestation process has allowed working professionals, students, and entrepreneurs in seeking better avenues as well as opportunities in their careers. The Legalization process has enabled clients in creating an efficient system that allows various professionals in accessing better avenues and provided them a golden opportunity for transcending greater boundaries.



In United Arab Emirates (UAE), there is a large concentration of Indian ex-pats that have migrated into the country in search of better avenues as well as opportunities within the country. The Indian Certificate Attestation in UAE plays a crucial role in helping ex-pats in verifying their documents and helps them to settle down without facing any sort of unwanted hassles or issues. Some of the steps that are followed for Indian Certificate Attestation are as follows

  • The documents are initially notarized in the country of origin and attested by their respective department.
  • The attested document is verified by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) for further verification.
  • The document is then sent to Embassy/Consulate for further verification and allows the document to be verified in the public domain.



Over the years, Index Office Services LLC is one such agency that ensures effective assistance for clients in Indian Certificate Attestation and helps ex-pats in verifying their credentials. The staff has been extremely co-operative and helps clients in processing their documents quickly within a short period. The services also have enabled qualified professionals in seeking better avenues and ensure equal access to opportunities among people.