What is a Notary?

A notary public is a person who is permitted to witness the signing of legal papers such as deeds, estates, licenses, power of attorney, affidavits, and trusts. A notary is a government-appointed person entrusted with certifying the legitimacy of documents and acting as an unbiased witness when signing legal documents. Notarizing legal papers ensures that transactions are completed correctly and helps to prevent fraud. Notaries are obligated to identify signatories to a document when certifying its authenticity in order to filter out impostors and guarantee that parties enter a contract willfully. A governing authority, such as a court or a state government, or a regulating body, such as a faculty of notaries public, appoint notaries. Although notaries are government employees, they are self-employed and earn revenue by charging fees for services done.

Different types of notary available

a. Administering oath and affirmation of the documents
A notary assistant’s official responsibilities include administering the oath and affirmations. This assists in determining the genuine identity of the individual who states that the documents he provides are true and, as a result, can be held legally liable for giving any incorrect information. According to UAE legislation, anyone who takes an oath can be punished if they are suspected of doing so. This type of oath is frequently judged by court procedures and public officials who play a role in it.

b. Maintain proper records
The UAE has its own rules addressing the records and documents that a notary must keep. Each transaction requires some records to be kept, and the contents of this book must be accessible to the public. The notary in the UAE is required to keep a record of every item notarized as well as a detailed summary of what is being notarized.

c. Notary assistance in UAE to take depositions and affidavits
A notary assistance in UAE has many other responsibilities which includes taking depositions and affidavits from witnesses under oath. It is legal to use depositions and affidavits instead of live testimony when the witness is unable to testify in the courtroom.

d. Creating a contract is easy.
A notary assistant’s job is to ensure that a signature on a legal document is both legitimate and authentic. All of the legal implications and risks can be sorted out, and the public notary is solely responsible for the legitimacy of signatures on papers, not their content. The notary assistance in UAE is meant to be present when the documents are signed to guarantee that the person signing the document is the same person whose name is on the contract.

e. Authenticating copies
The photocopies of some papers can be certified by a notary public as true and identical copies of the original. These certified copies can then be used in place of the original for whatever purpose is required.

f. Knowledge of Legal Documents
There should be a facility where all documents are notarized. The notary assistance has restrictions on which documents can be attested. The notary assistant’s job entails keeping up with all aspects of legal papers. You must be able to recognize the type of documents that individuals are signing, and the notary must be able to do so.

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